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Crow solves an 8 step process.
Crows are amazing, I’ve been photographing them here in Seattle for a couple of years. They have distinct personalities and remember our faces. They actually started flying in and waiting for me when I would get home in hopes of a free unsalted peanut. I think of them as friends.

I had no idea they could do THIS.

An 8 step problem solving process. They’ve trained on each separate task, though not all together. This was the first time.

(Crows will survive the zombies and restart society, no doubt.)

Looook karanan c:

Aaaa thank you


Crows are amazing


1: Dogs, cats or neither?
2: What’s one thing you hate that everyone loves?
3: If you had to bathe in anything that wasn’t water, what would it be?
4: If you had to get a physical tomorrow, how would you feel?
5: If you could snap your fingers and become fluent in a foreign language, which one would it be?
6: Have you ever been called a creep?
7: Which do you prefer, paper books or kindle?
8: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on TV?
9: Do you keep any of your hobbies a secret?
10: Would you say you spend too much time on the internet?
11: If you had to delete your tumblr and set up a similar profile somewhere else, which website would you choose?
12: If you had the power of flight, how would you use it?
13: Do you remember anything that creeped you out as a small child?
14: Have you ever been lost as an adult?
15: What’s one thing you can do that few other people can do as well?
16: What is your opinion on shy people?
17: When was the last time your parents or guardians scolded you for your table manners?
18: Would you say you have expensive tastes?
19: Have you ever seen something on tumblr that deeply offended you?
20: How is your handwriting?
21: What’s your favorite food group?
22: What’s your favorite color?
23: What kind of blog theme draws you in?
24: How would you describe your sense of humor?
25: When was the last time you had lots of fun?
26: What was your favorite time in your past?
27: Would you say you have a good memory?
28: Hot weather or cold weather?
29: Are you more cutesy, or more hardcore?
30: Do you collect anything?

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